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At Eyelines we believe buying glasses for your child is a big deal!

Firstly you have taken the initiative for your child to have an eyetest and our Optometrist has recommended glasses to improve your child’s vision. Up to 80% of your childs learning is visual so it is vital a solution is found sooner rather than later!

Secondly, the fit of glasses is crucial for children. For a correct fit, begin with a frame that centers the eye. The frame size may depend upon the prescription; thick lenses cause visual distortion if the frames are too big. They should not be large enough to touch the cheeks or so small they brush the eyelashes.

You may be tempted to select a slightly oversized frame that can be worn for years. However, well-fitting frames are comfortable, and your child will be more inclined to wear the glasses!

Rest assured our friendly Eyelines staff are VERY experienced in the fitting of children’s frames. They make it fun and efficient and with such a great range of frames to choose from there is sure to be a pair to make your child smile.

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